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About Picasso’s Café, Bakery & Catering Company

Our Values, Our Traditions, Our Philosophy, Our Family and a Few Words From Our Wonderful Clients

“I discovered Picasso’s seven years ago when I began working at the Irwindale Chamber of Commerce. It is a real gem in this community. The management and staff go the extra mile to ensure your food and service is top notch at all times. It is the ONLY place for a business lunch in Irwindale unless of course you have them cater at your office. My current favorite dish is the Pollo de Maria with the Mezzo Mezzo sauce!”

Lisa Bailey, President & CEO of Irwindale Chamber of Commerce

“Picasso’s Café clearly knows how to put on a first-class affair. You should know that police chiefs from surrounding agencies come into Irwindale to have their staff meetings at Picasso’s. As you can imagine, this is a source of pride for me!”

Sol Benudiz, Irwindale City Manager & Former Chief of Police, Irwindale

“I have had the pleasure of enjoying the cuisine of Picasso’s Café at many events and have found their food to be excellent and their presentation to be of a very high, professional standard. Their staff is well-trained, courteous and eager to please; they truly care about your dining experience.”

Larry Burola, Former Mayor, City of Irwindale

“As Chief of Police for the city of Covina, I have used Picasso’s Café on many occasions, for both large and small meetings. For the past several years, I have hosted a Holiday Breakfast for my supervisors at Picasso’s Café and they have always provided excellent service, excellent quality of food and the room is decorated to reflect the season, setting a nice ambiance for all of us to enjoy.”

Kim Raney, Chief of Police, City of Covina

“I just really love the food, but most importantly I love the fact that they are an amazing family run operation that is committed to the San Gabriel Valley.”

Congressman David Dreier, 26th District

“Not only was the food excellent, but the service from your staff was exceptional and the story behind your business is an incredible ‘American Dream’ success story!”

Peggy Grande, Ronald Reagan Foundation

“I literally work two blocks from this little piece of heaven. I try to go in there as much as I can. Every time I walk in, I am greeted by a smiling face. That’s something you don’t get to see much anymore these days. If you’re looking for a place to sit down and devour some truly delicious food, you need to look no further than Picasso’s.”

John D.

“Co-workers and I have eaten here on two occasions. We enjoyed it both times. Picasso’s atmosphere is classically artsy and visual with bright decor. It’s definitely a nice place to take a lunch break! I really liked my Seared Ahi Tuna Ciabatta Sandwich served with a side pasta salad accompanied by the Passion Ice Tea.”

Earlene C.

“Picasso’s offers a great selection to pick from. With a wide variety of lunch choices and a excellent selection of pastries, refreshments and of course Starbuck’s complete menu. It’s hard not to be satisfied!”


“This place is AWESOME! Very clean, the staff is very nice and most important the food is delicious.!! I defiantly will be going back.”

Teresa B.

“Picasso’s is great. It is a very nice alternative to the chain restaurants like TGIF’s, Chili’s…etc. The food is fresh and the menu extensive. I never expected to find such a gem in an industrial area.”

Jesse M.

“It was one of the best meals of my life! My compliments to the chef.”

Michael Guzman

“Picasso’s Café is definitely the best restaurant in Irwindale!”

Andrew Elkens

“Everything was excellent, from service to food. It was a great experience!”

Joanne Nguyen

“Sooooooooooo good!”

Anthony C., AMC Solutions

“Excellent service! Very warm & friendly staff and restaurant delivered great ambiance!”

Camielle Cannon

“I absolutely love this cute cafe in the industrial community. A cozy/mellow cafe with an artsy/contemporary twist. A great lunch spot to kick back and chill on a strenuous day at work.”

Susan T.

“This place is great; nice friendly cafe in a pretty sparse neighborhood. And…..they have wifi!”

David B.

“The best cuisine in this part of the L.A. County!”

Inez Lintz

“Simply delicious.”

Lorraine Garcia

“I brought a guest, first time visitor, and she fell in love with everything right away!”

Becky Baker

“OMG! Where do I start…We received several compliments on the Holiday lunch and only one compliant. The compliant was they ate too much because the food was so good, they were sleepy from being so full, and could not go back to work. The atmosphere was surrounded with positive morale, feelings of family/friendly closeness, laughter, and appreciation. Our employees really enjoyed the Holiday lunch that was arranged for them. From the portions of the entrée, delicious desserts, the decorations, the visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus., with Haemonetics approval, our Employee Activity Committee Team, and Picasso’s Team, it was a success! Your Servers were excellent! They are very friendly and interacted with our employees with the upmost professionalism. Thanks again for the wonderful lunch, excellent service, and making our Holiday lunch an exceptional celebration.”

Anna Griffin, Haemonetics


Picasso’s Cafe was Awarded 2010 Entrepreneurs of the Year by the 32nd Congressional District 1st Annual DiverCITIES Reception.

Picasso’s Cafe was Awarded 2008 Business of the Year for the 57th Assembly District.

Picasso’s is a certified Women Minority Business Enterprise

“Picasso’s has partnered with us on several occasions over many years. Whether we are hosting a formal dinner for the executive team, providing lunch for a meeting, or collaboratively working on a project for a non-profit organization, their team ensures an unmatched quality of food, service and professionalism. It is a honor and pleasure to work with the entire Picasso’s staff.”

Anita Hernandez, MillerCoors

“Picasso’s Cafe, Bakery and Catering Co. has provided catering and special event services for Southern California Edison’s Customer Technology Application Center since our facility opened in January of 1990. Our facility provides training to the general public on energy efficiency, demand response, renewable generation, and sustainable building design practices, as well as other meetings and special events for over 45,000 people on an annual basis. Our events range from small meetings of 6 people to larger, signature events of over 600 that require tents, tables, chairs, lighting, etc.
A characteristic of Picasso’s that is very important to us is their commitment to the environment and the community. They have been a great supporter and partner with SCE in our efforts to conserve energy by participating in the energy efficiency programs we provide and also leading the way by incorporating green practices in their business. They also share our passion for giving back to the community, and we have recently partnered with Picasso’s to provide leftover food to Pacific Clinic’s HOPE Youth Center. The leftover food from Picasso’s, as well as our meetings and seminars, is carefully packaged by Picasso’s staff on a daily basis and then picked up by representatives from Pacific Clinics and helps to provide these young people, eighty percent of whom are homeless.
Picasso’s consistently steps up to provide us with excellent food that is only matched by their service consistently each and every day. The management team is easy and flexible to deal with, and the staff is friendly, professional and well-managed. They truly care about their clients and it shows in the product they deliver to us each and every day. We are very lucky to have them as a valued partner.”

Doug Campbell, Manager, SCE Customer Technology Application Center

“Edison CTAC and Picasso’s Cafe have had a great partnership over the past 15 years. Picasso’s provides the highest quality of food and presentation on a consistent day-to-day basis. In tandem with the high quality of food they in concert provide awesome customer service second to none! Their entire catering operation always says “yes” first and then “how can we help you” second. We are sometimes put in a position to fulfill a last minute request from our customers and Picasso’s staff is always willing and able to accommodate our requests, bottom line Picasso’s makes us “Edison CTAC” look good in our customer’s eyes.”

Greg Mayer, Event Coordinator Edison CTAC

“The price is great and the food is out of this world! I have a lunch club and this restaurant will be on our short list!!”

Barbara Patchett

“I love the food! Never a disappointment! I am lucky it is so close to work!!!”

Alejandra Gaytan

“I just tried the Ginger Peach muffins yesterday and they were DELICIOUS! (healthy too but don’t tell anyone). They have the best service and people around helping you, and it is hard not to leave full and in a good mood.”

Yvonne Morrow

“Everything Picasso’s serves is gooooooooooooood. There isn’t anything on the menu that you would be disappointed in eating. Absolutely great food.”

Alma Bunch

“I love the food at Picasso’s! They serve the best quality and freshest of foods in the general area. I know it’s going to be a good lunch when I go to Picasso’s. The owners are very cute too!”

Loretta Springer

“Picasso’s is Amazing. Great food, Great serving and a very pleasant atmosphere. I have been there dozens of times and not once have I been disappointed. Try it! I promise you will like it.”

Sheri Hankemeier-Alvarez

“Picasso’s is truly a one of a kind experience. I have enjoyed their pasta salad as well as several of their delicious cold cut sandwiches. Their catering service is also fantastic. My orders were always right on target along with serving dishes, utensil, etc. The staff is truly amazing and takes great pride in providing a service and menu that goes above and beyond one’s expectations.”

Dawn Murphy

“You won’t be disappointed by the variety of choices for a “cafe.” You can have a light and seasonal salad, great fish or chicken dish, fantastic sandwiches and much more. The menu always has new dishes to choose from and daily favorites. This is an excellent place to stop at if you’re looking for good, quality food at very reasonable prices. Try it for business or pleasure and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!”

Shanda T.

“Ordered the California wrap. Portion size on this thing is amazing! You get a choice of salads (artichoke, fruit, pasta, etc…). There’s about 6-7 to choose from. The generous portions of the freshly carved turkey breast is the best I have seen at any place that serves wraps. I also had a bite of the Chicken pesto ciabatta sandwich…this thing is so damn tasty I wanted to order a separate order for myself. Great flavor, the pesto and sun-dried tomato combo kicks in your mouth from the first bite!”

Jeff P.

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