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Picasso’s Pasta and Finishing Sauces

Live Good At Home

Uniting Restaurant and Home

We invite you to create a “restaurant quality” culinary masterpiece in your own home.

Shop Our Sauces to DIP, GRILL, BAKE, SAUTEE, COOK, and FINISH. Our sauces are excellent for Dipping, Grilled/Baked Meats/Seafood/Poultry; Traditional Pasta Sautee, Italian Baked Dishes, and Gravy Applications.

Enjoy a rich, gourmet dining experience which is very easy to prepare, Picasso’s Café style! All our sauces are manufactured locally, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, and we assist in reducing the carbon footprint with sustainable packaging and locally grown ingredients.

A portion of each sale benefits our local and national non-profits organizations under Picasso’s Café, Bakery and Catering Co.’s Operation PAINT program.

“I was very impressed with the Ponzu Picatta™ and Mezzo-Mezzo finishing sauces that my entire family enjoyed. I love that I have the option to serve my family a restaurant quality meal at home and this would be perfect for dinner parties and romantic dinners too when you are trying to impress family and friends.”… Review 2012-Simply Stacie, online blogger

A spicy GOURMET PASTA SAUCE masterpiece of marinara and alfredo sauces to please the palette GLUTEN-FREE.

Restaurant Quality, unique culinary twist mixing just the right amount of red and white sauces together with a splash of spice. More Information.


A spicy GOURMET PASTA SAUCE masterpiece to please the palette. ALL NATURAL, GLUTEN-FREE, AND LOWFAT.

Restaurant Quality, unique culinary twist blending our perfect marinara with spicy red pepper, garlic, and Italian herbs. More Information.


A fusion masterpiece of citrus and soy sauces to please the palette. WORLDCLASS.

Restaurant Quality, unique culinary twist blending our unique lemon-butter caper sauce with our Citrus Soy Sauce, a perfect French Asian fusion sauce. More Information.


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Shop our Sauces to DIP, GRILL, BAKE, SAUTEE, COOK, and FINISH!
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