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Hawaiian Wisdom

Romance, aroma and time (not the spice) are all essential ingredients when preparing one’s favorite dish or meal. I realized since my last entry I had lost sight of all of these. I was on a such a quest for the “perfect” Hawaiian recipe, my senses were now taking the touch of the ocean breeze for granted, the smell of the roasted pig at a nearby Luau & the romance that arises with the sweet taste of a mango sorbet after a long hot day under the Hawaiian sun.

Time spent with recipes, provided at no charge by Mother Nature, is what we all loose in our efforts to eat healthy food —quick!! Our busy lives demand set times to work; to eat; to DO and to eat again. The Joy of Cooking (in a kitchen behind a stove) for many of us is a lost art.

This Maui culinary adventure has now turned into a palette-quest for the “quick yet tasty.” I became conscious of my lack of focus when I prepared a batch of oatmeal cookies late Friday night. In my haste to “do and EAT” …….I forgot the baking soda!   Result — flat cookies & an empty stomach.

I had replaced my love for food and the joy to prepare it—- with the same zest in completing a task or project at work—DO and go.

There is a reason the natives and locals of any region treasure their cuisine so dearly. They have learned to savor the environment in which their meal originated from.

It took this trip to Maui to unfold a culinary tidbit of wisdom:
“Every time we prepare food we interrupt a life cycle, but
making a meal means we
create something else.”

The School of Essential Ingredients, p 45.


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