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Happy 4th From Hawaii

July 3rd, 2011

Aloha KaKou a nui!
(Hawaiian for “Love to all of us and lots of it!”)

An appropriate sentiment as we enter the celebration weekend of our country’s birthday.

During our culinary journey, we have befriended Katherine and Harry Smith of Kapalua. Katherine is a historical novelist. Her novels are an expression of the Island she has come to know & respect over the last 20 + years. In exchange for her tidbits of history, hula classes etc, we decided to offer some Picasso hospitality as a thank you —-Dinner for 4 it was!  Of course I thought —-It’s the 4th of July —Homemade Apple Pie is a must for dessert. I soon discovered Granny apples are $7.00 a pound! Ouch…

The pie is best prepared by the taste method. Measuring sugar, lemon juice and cinnamon is best accomplished by mix with the hands and taste, mix the apples a bit more and sugar and taste –repeat the procedure until taste tongue is in agreement with a happy tummy.

So –this pie preparation lead me to think –what pies do they enjoy here??

Pineapple bulb went off –the macadamia!

New journey —hunt down a great crust — So I think I will venture out to Upcountry for some ingredients and ideas.

Meka ha’ aha’ a
(Hawaiian for “with humbleness”)


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