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About Picasso's Café, Bakery & Catering - Orange County & Los Angeles California

Who is Picasso’s Café, Bakery & Catering Company

The Facts about Picasso’s serving Los Angeles and Orange County

We are Picasso’s Café, Bakery and Catering Company. At Picasso’s, we are top chefs, experienced caterers, seasoned servers, and savvy business leaders. For over 20 years, we continue to be dedicated members of our industry and community, and strong humanitarian outreach advocates.
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Company FAQs

1. What is the story behind Picasso’s?

The Picasso story began in 1989 with the dream of two people, owners and operators Vincent and Maria DeRosa. The DeRosa’s both love art and specifically admire the artist Pablo Picasso in part because of the vibrant and abundant display of color and eye appeal in his work. The DeRosa’s are magnetized to being unique, and inspired by Picasso. The elements of Picasso’s Café, Bakery and Catering Co.’s core are modeled after the elements in Picasso’s art …inspiring, energetic, colorful, contemporary, cutting edge, embracing and magnetizing. The DeRosa’s translated this unique feeling into an untraditional business model – with their surprising elements such as an often stated “surprising” restaurant location and unconventional restaurant hours. Picasso’s was born a unique, upscale cafe, bakery and catering company located in the Irwindale Business District of California. The DeRosa’s objective was to cater to corporate breakfast and lunch coterie while creating food products that are a “work of art.”

Picasso’s Café indoor and outdoor dining, Private Dining Rooms, Conference Center and Executive Dining Suite is open in Irwindale, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM., and is also available for private parties in the evenings and weekends. Catering operations for corporate and personal events are available 24 hours a day worldwide for groups of 5 to 15,000. The first and second generations of DeRosa Family now invite you to be their guests, sit back and enjoy the Picasso atmosphere, or select some of their unique catering services, all of which offer a surprising element, and are promised to deliver a custom and true “work of art.”

2. What is California style?

Locally grown Organic Produce, Hawaiian Fish and handcrafted Artisan Products provide the perfect backdrop for the innovative, Contemporary Cuisine served at Picasso’s Café, Bakery and Catering Co.
The great state of California carries some of the richest aspects of American culture, from the pioneers of the gold rush to modern cuisine. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Baja, classic California food can take on many forms. The unique cuisine of California is identified by a tradition of freshness and home grown quality, calling forth to mind fresh leafy green salads, fruit, and organic just about anything.

California is one of the major agricultural centers of the United States. The state of California is one of the nation’s leading producers of fresh produce. Fruits and nuts account for at least a quarter of California’s farm income, and vegetables in themselves account for another 25 percent. This includes the famous grapes, oranges, nectarines, peaches, nectarines, and avocados that California is famous for producing, as well as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.

Organic food, which is grown without the aid of pesticides, insecticides, and other potentially harmful additives, is also an extremely popular aspect of California cuisine. The taste of California is, of course, highly accented by its major influence from the south and neighbor Border States, and sea. Spanish, Italian, International, and Baja-style cooking, fresh organic produce from California Farms, and fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean & Hawaiian waters play an integral role in Picasso’s spin on California Cuisine. Our great team of Top Chefs from Southern California put a “Picasso” style California Cuisine twist on our creations, making your food an enjoyable masterpiece and “work of art.”

2. Who is the chef?

Picasso’s Executive Chef is Paul Vincent Vigil who came to Picasso’s in 2007. Chef Paul began his classical training at the Four Star restaurant in the Pasadena Hilton, eventually becoming a reknowned exhibition chef. As his quest for sweet and savory progressed, Paul came to Picasso’s so that he could better express his artistic flair in the kitchen. As the Executive Chef, Paul’s responsibilities include meeting with local farmers and suppliers and developing seasonal gastronomy masterpieces, and overseeing his kitchen team in production of all café and catering dishes. Chef Paul is a certified Servsafe food protection manager which is recognized by the International Food Safety Council and the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

Picasso’s employs a culinary team of talented men and women and coordinates their staff to create the masterpieces to truly portray the style and ambiance of California cuisine. Together with Picasso’s cafe, bakery and catering employees, Picasso’s creative flair and personality have brought a new restaurant dining experience and category to Irwindale: first class, fast casual dining and corporate catering.

4. Where is Picasso’s headquartered?

Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, Picasso’s is a tasty haven for Irwindale, CA and the surrounding communities within a 250 mi. radius. Picasso’s caters and serves their high concentration of corporate clientele an affordable quality breakfast and lunch and provides them catering services with a trendy twist, with an uncompromising emphasis on eye appeal, flavor profiles, and competitive pricing out of their single unit location. Picasso’s has successfully located their company headquarters in Irwindale’s business district with prime freeway accessibility to the 210, 605, and 10.

5. What is the company mission?

To serve seasonally-driven, artfully presented menu items with friendly smiles and sincerity in a contemporary atmosphere maintaining a competitive price while providing exemplary service and the freshest produce, sustainable seafood, hormone-free meats, top quality ingredients and expert detail. Picasso’s is committed to sustaining local growers and is guided by ecologically- and socially-responsible food choices and continues to be a conscientious industry leader in the community by giving back through our charitable initiatives.

6. What is the company’s commitment?

Daily, we act responsibly as an advocate on behalf our industry as well as our business community. We are committed to act aggressively in our efforts to build and secure long term relationships with our clientele and community at large. We take this commitment seriously and invest in people, programs and services that help build a positive influence and encourage volunteerism and philanthropy in the communities we serve. Our sponsorship of and continued involvement with several non-profit organizations including The City of Hope, several local Chambers of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity among others, demonstrate our commitment to the community and our industry as a whole.

7. How involved is Picasso’s in the local community?

Since being founded in 1989, Picasso’s has partnered with local and national charitable organizations to help raise over $1 million to benefit, among other causes, cancer research in conjunction with the City of Hope and Children’s Miracle Network. Our participation in a wide range of community service projects in the SGV market create a rewarding work environment that attracts top-level talent and simultaneously builds a positive reputation for our company.

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